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Izabela Gabrielson
Kelly Griffin-Holton

Griffin-Holton, Kelly

Teacher-Special Education-XS
Ellen Hallgarth

Hallgarth, Ellen

Teacher-Special Education-XS
Jennifer Hansen

Hansen, Jennifer

Special Education Assistant
Bryana Hoffman

Hoffman, Bryana

Personal Message


This is my first year at Catharine Blaine and I am excited to be teaching 3rd grade! I have a Master's in Teaching from Antioch University and a Bachelor's in Sociology from Linfield College. I am a Seattle native and Seattle Public Schools graduate. 

In the 2018-2019 school year, I'm looking forward to building a team with my students and our greater school community. 

Carolyn Hostetler

Hostetler, Carolyn

Elementary School Assistant

Personal Message

I can be reached at .

Please feel free to contact me at any time. I'm always happy to try to be of help.

Lisa Hui

Hui, Lisa

Special Education IA
Judith Knowles
Ellen Lee

Lee, Ellen


Personal Message

I can be reached at

Meredith Lewis

Lewis, Meredith


Liau, Daphne

Paraprofessional Substitute
Carolyn Lucero

Lucero, Carolyn

Occupational Therapist
Martha May

May, Martha


Personal Message

You can contact me via email at  I always try to get back to email within 24 hours.  In case I somehow miss your message, please resend it so it gets back to the top of the email pile.

Kristine McLane

McLane, Kristine


Personal Message

I'm excited to join the North Beach community as your new principal!  I completed my administrative internship at North Beach Elementary during the 2016-17 school year after serving as the librarian/technology teacher there since 2010.  Prior to coming to North Beach I was an elementary school librarian for 10 years in the Bellevue School District and also worked as a high school Social Studies teacher for the Orcas Island and Shoreline School Districts.  When I'm not at school I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, and watching or playing soccer.  You can reach me at 

Jennifer McLuen

McLuen, Jennifer

Physical Therapist
Molly Meyer

Meyer, Molly

Teacher-Elementary Specialist

Niemeyer, Filina

Nathaniel Oxford

Oxford, Nathaniel

Instrumental Music Teacher


Graduate of Seattle Public Schools and University of Washington. Trombonist in Puget Sound Symphony Orchestra. I teach mornings at: Leschi (M), Northgate (T), Licton Springs (W), North Beach (Th), and Sand Point (F). Afternoons I'm at Catharine Blaine.

,Personal Message

I teach instrumental music to 4th and 5th graders at six schools, and middle school band and orchestra at Catharine Blaine.

My favorite subjects in school:
 PE at Lawton and Columbia (when we did archery, unicycling, roller skating, and juggling)

Pets: I have three cats, even though I'm allergic. Their names are Toby, Prudence, and Jupiter.

Family: Spouse Becky, and two high schoolers. One attends school in Gig Harbor, and the other attends in Seattle. In fact, he commuted two hours each way with me to Seattle for all of middle school. (Can you imagine?!?) Thankfully, we now have an apartment in city!

Favorite food: MOD Pizza

Favorite movies: Frozen 2, Enchanted, and Edward Scissorhands.

Favorite books: the Silver Trilogy by Kerstin Gier. (For many years my favorite book was The Eight by Catherine Neville. And one day I would like to get all the way through Gödel Escher Bach by Douglas Hofstadter)               

Favorite music: listening to my students after they've practiced something they're excited about!

What I've been working on: Becoming more technically proficient with computer apps like Schoology, the Source, and especially audio/video editing (which I know almost nothing about). I'm a semi-professional trombonist, but violin was my first instrument as a kid (for a very short time), and since coming to work in SPS, I've been working on my fiddle skills. It's a long road, but I know if I just keep doing it, I'll keep getting better. And the better I get, the more fun I have playing!

Other favorite activities: Road trips, camping, and enjoying nature.

Schools I attended:
 Pinehurst (gr. 1)
 Lawton (2-3)
 Columbia (4)
 Lynndale (5 through part of 6, in Edmonds)
 West Woodland (6)
 Whitman (7-8)
 Franklin (9-12)
 University of Washington (BA/BM, with teaching endorsements in instrumental music, choir, and math)