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Homework policy

Homework at North Beach Elementary

We believe that all children K-5 benefit from a rich reading life at home. We encourage at least 20 minutes of daily reading. This can be a combination of looking at picture books, reading with an adult, or reading independently.

Brain research also shows that repeated exposure to math concepts is beneficial. As a result, we want students to complete math homework in grades 2-5. In addition, feel free to supplement this with family activities like playing go fish, counting coins, working on math facts, playing chess, talking about time, etc.

Special Projects

Sometimes a teacher will assign special projects at school that require a little prep work at home. Examples include interviewing a family member, thinking of ideas for a science project, practicing lines for a play, etc.

Homework should not involve new learning but should be a review of what students learn during the school day (or to keep up with past skills). If your child is regularly unable to complete homework within the given time please communicate with your child’s teacher so that accommodations can be made. While homework is an expectation and participation in homework is strongly encouraged, there are no consequences imposed on a student who does not complete homework. Families may choose to modify assignments by adding to or decreasing the amount of homework assigned.

How long should homework take?

Homework will only be given for Monday through Thursday, but it can be done anytime.
Here are rough time guidelines:

  • Kindergarten – First Grade – 20 minutes of reading daily
  • Second – Third Grade – 20 minutes of reading plus 15 minutes of other subjects
  • Fourth – Fifth Grade – 20 minutes of reading plus 20 minutes of other subjects