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Art instruction is focused on the process of creating art using a variety of media. Students learn how to safely use materials; they learn to use different elements of art to communicate ideas and feelings and to express their creativity. They are encouraged to appreciate the positive power of art and uniqueness of everyone’s individual style.

Instrumental Music

Instrumental music is offered to 4th and 5th grade students. The instrumental music teacher visits the appropriate classrooms to explain about district offerings and pass out registration forms each fall. Students receive instruction once a week.


At the North Beach School Library students participate in student choice reading awards and learn about different authors and illustrators. They learn how to use the library to find materials on subjects that interest them.


Technology instruction is provided in how to access district digital resources, how to utilize student accounts, conducting research, and integrating technology into the classroom.


Physical Education instruction has a success-oriented focus with an emphasis on cooperation, lifetime health and fitness, and motor skill development. This is achieved through sports skills, cooperation, and individual success in a non-threatening environment. Throughout the year students will be exposed to activities such as bowling, golf, razor scooters, archery, rock climbing, lacrosse, unicycling, bicycling, and a large variety of other activities.

Vocal Music

Vocal music incorporates a variety of vocal music, rhythms and movement. The classes incorporate contemporary, traditional and world music while the students learn about musicians, music theory and more.

Academic Intervention

Academic Intervention provides support and enrichment for students in areas of reading and math K-5. The interventionist works under the direction of the principal and school goals.


Tutor support is provided K-5 grade, allocated according to student need. Tutors work under the direction of the classroom teacher supporting small group and 1:1 instruction.


CCC (Center for the Collaborative Classroom) Collaborative Literacy is a powerful way to organize literacy instruction. The innovative modular programs that make up the Collaborative Literacy suite?Being a Reader, Being a Writer, and Making Meaning?foster students? ongoing development as readers, writers, and caring members of the classroom community.


North Beach began using enVision 2020 Common Core during the 2020-21 school year. enVision combines problem-based learning and visual learning to deepen students? conceptual understanding. Successmaker, an adaptive online intervention tool aligned with enVision, is utilized to support student growth in mathematics. enVision is also aligned with the curriculum students will be using in middle school.