Advanced Learning Options - ALO

North Beach is ALO school.  This means that we serve all students (identified or not as "Advanced Learners") who are performing above grade level.  In Reading and Writing students' academic needs are met by having them read and write at their current performance levels.  In Mathematics we have a "Walk to Math" program beginning in first grade, which provides instruction one year ahead of their current grade level.  In all subjects we aim to differentiate to support all levels of learners.

Special Education Services at North Beach

  • Resource Room

  • Developmental Preschool

  • OT/PT

  • Speech therapy

Tutoring  - throughout the day students are provided with one-on-one or small group tutoring support in math, reading and writing.

Walk to Math – All students participate in walk to math where they are taught either grade level curriculum or advanced curriculum.  Spectrum and APP identified students and teacher identified students who are ready for more advanced math will learn the next grade level curriculum with a highly qualified teacher.

Counseling - Classroom guidance lessons in K-5 classrooms, small group counseling (topics include: emotion management skills, social skills, anxiety management skills, coping with divorce/separation, coping skills for grief, etc.), brief solution-focused individual counseling, parent and staff consultations to support students, and community resource referrals.

Library/Technology - students participate in student choice reading awards and learn about different authors and illustrators.  They learn how to use the library to find materials on subjects that interest them.  Students acquire technology skills including the operation of computers as well as accessing and utilizing information through our subscription databases.

Vocal music - incorporates a variety of vocal music, rhythms and movement.  The classes incorporate contemporary, traditional and world music while the students learn about musicians, music theory and more.

PE Physical Education instruction has a success-oriented focus with an emphasis on cooperation, lifetime health and fitness, and motor skill development. This is achieved through sports skills, cooperation, and individual success in a non-threatening environment. Throughout the year students will be exposed to activities such as bowling, golf, razor scooters, archery, rock climbing, lacrosse, unicycling, bicycling, and a large variety of other activities.

Instrumental music - offered to 4th and 5th grade students.  The instrumental music teacher visits the appropriate classrooms to explain about district offerings and pass out registration forms each fall.  Students receive instruction once a week.

Art – Our PTA supported artist in residence program provides every student bi-weekly instruction and incorporates a variety of media.

Boys & Girls Club - child care for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Club kids meet together in the school cafeteria and on the stage to participate in developmentally appropriate and engaging activities, experiments, arts and crafts, games and more! Before and after school care as well as summer camp offerings are provided



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