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    What is JUMP START?

    Jump Start is a FREE week-long experience for Kindergartners to learn about school. Children will become familiar with their new school building, staff, typical school day activities and practices. Their parents/guardians will be able to meet with the school principal and ask questions about school. Teachers start to build relationships with students and observe their skills and strengths. Read about signs of a successful transition to Kindergarten.

    Jump Start aims to help young children:

    • Experience joyful learning
    • Learn school readiness behaviors
    • Become more comfortable with the school environment

    When and Where is JUMP START?

    The school district encourages all elementary and K-8 schools to offer Jump Start and provides extra funds to cover the costs. A list of schools will be posted in January 2018 for next summer's program, which usually takes place the 3rd or 4th week of August. All students assigned to participating schools are invited to attend Jump Start. Other aspects of the program:

    • Jump Start runs from 9 a.m. to 12:00 noon each morning for one week
    • A parent/guardian meeting with the school principal is scheduled during the week
    • Bilingual staff will assist children who are English-language learners
    • Extra support is offered for children with special needs 
    • Some schools offer breakfast and lunch to Jump Start students and their siblings/friends up to age 18 through the City's Summer Food Service Program
    • No transportation is provided, so families need to drop off and pick up children each day. Some childcare programs located in or near schools can help with drop off/pickup.

    How do we register for JUMP START?

    The Jump Start registration form will be available in 2018 and posted on this webpage; schools usually invite new Kindergarten families to complete and return the registration form in the Spring before school closes for the summer. You will send your registration form directly to your child's school.

    View the short videos below to hear what students, parents and teachers say about Jump Start at Stevens Elementary and Dearborn Park International School.

    Stevens Elementary Jump Start Video

    Dearborn Park International Jump Start Video

    Important Dates

    • Aug. 21-25, 2017
      Jump Start  9-12 daily
    • Sept. 6-8, 2017
      Family Connections  Each family meets with their Kindergarten teacher
    • Sept. 11, 2017  
      First day of school for Kindergarten students (grades 1 through 12 will start school on Sept. 6)