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    Seattle Public Schools to Form Bell Time Analysis Task Force
    Posted on 09/22/2014

    Recent sleep research indicates that adolescents’ normal sleep patterns and health may be supported by later school start times. Seattle Public Schools is forming a year-long task force to analyze a potential change in bell times throughout the district. The task force members will review the sleep research and study potential implementation impacts including benefits and challenges for starting elementary schools earlier, and middle and high schools later.

    The superintendent will consider the task force work, along with additional community and school feedback, to make recommendations to the school board for potential changes in the 2016-17 school year. The superintendent’s report to the board will include analysis of sleep research and operational impacts in other districts. Recommendations will aim to promote school schedules that support student learning, student engagement and health.

    The task force is only one aspect of community engagement planned during the school year. Flipping bell times is a complex task and has a significant effect on families and schools. Staff will work to engage all families throughout the district.

    The school board listed examining bell times as a governance priority this school year.

    Task force members will consist of Seattle Public Schools staff and community members including parent representatives.

    Read the charter of the task force including a list of positions that the district is seeking to fill.