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    Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverancebook cover for Grit

    "Grit," by Angela Duckworth, tells how persistence and hard work help us overcome challenges, in part because learning to overcome one challenge gives us confidence to overcome the next. The book includes lots of good ideas for teachers and parents. I especially like the section that uses the Seattle Seahawks as an example of grit, determination, and hard work—which we all hope will, once again, pay off in the post season!

    How Children Learn and Little Book of Talent

    "How Children Learn," by Paul Tough and "Little Book of Talent," by Daniel Coyle each build on this theme of developing skills, persistence, and grit. With many great examples, these books make a compelling case that attitude, confidence, and hard work are essentials for everyone.

    book cover for What do you do with a problemWhat Do You Do With a Problem

    "What Do You Do With a Problem," by Kobi Yamada, may be even better than his book I recommended last month "What Do You Do with an Idea."  It is a picture book for children with a giant message for adults.