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    Retirement Frequently Asked Questions

    I'm thinking of returning to work. What should I consider?

    If you plan on returning to work for a DRS covered employer, please remember you need to abide by the DRS retiree return to work rules or you risk reducing your pension. You must also be separated from covered employment for at least one full calendar month following your DRS retirement date.

    Return to work restrictions will depend on your unique situation and plan provisions. Please thoroughly review your return to work rules, which are available online at

    What happens to my remaining Leave Balances

    Sick leave: Up to 1440 hours of unused sick leave can either be cashed out or transferred to a VEBA HRA (Health Reimbursement Account). With both options, your sick leave hours are paid at 1/4th of your hourly rate

    What are the differences between and cashing out and transferring my sick leave balance to VEBA?

    • Sick leave dollars transferred to VEBA are non-taxable; cash outs are taxable.
    • If you elect cash, you will forfeit the current year’s accrued leave (typically 96 hours) as penalty for not enrolling in VEBA.

    VEBA / Sick Leave Cash Out forms will be mailed to you after your Notice of Separation form is received. Completed forms must be returned to Payroll Services no later than 60 days following your separation date.

    Vacation leave

    No more than 240 hours shall be cashed out in a 2 year period. Upon separation from the District, vacation hours will automatically be cashed out, up to 240 hours less any previously cashed out in the 2 years prior to termination.

    Vacation cash outs are paid at your full hourly rate or as otherwise stated in your CBA.

    Typically cash outs are processed the month following your termination. For a definite date, please contact your Payroll Specialist.

    What if I have a Tax Sheltered Annuity 403(b) Plan or a Deferred Compensation DCP 457(b)?

    You may leave your funds deposited with your investment company. Proceeds withdrawn and not reinvested may be taxable and subject to penalties.

    • Contact the district’s third party administrator, Carruth Compliance Consulting, at 1-877- 222-3090 regarding withdrawal procedures or visit
    • Contact the DCP unit at the Department of Retirement Systems, at 1-800-547-6657 or

    What if I have CPF (Central Pension Fund) Union Benefits?

    Pension applications and instructions may be obtained from CPF via phone request at (202) 362-1000, online at, or by contacting the IUOE 609 Union at (206) 441-8544

    What if I have an Inspirus (formerly School Employees) Credit Union Payroll Deduction?

    Your deduction will remain in effect through payroll until your final payment. You should contact Inspirus at (206) 628-4010 for information regarding the handling of loan installments and share accounts after termination.

    What if I move?

    Please submit a request for address change in writing to Seattle Public Schools Personnel Department. Address change forms can be downloaded through the district web site or can be obtained from your school secretary. If you need to submit a change of address after you have left employment with Seattle Public Schools, you may mail your written request to:

    Seattle Public Schools
    John Stanford Center for Education Excellence
    Mail Stop 33-344
    PO Box 34165
    Seattle, WA 98124-1165

    Timely address changes will ensure that your W-2 is mailed to the proper address as well as any paychecks/direct deposit advices you may have yet to receive.