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    Create a Comfort Kit for Your Child
    Posted on 07/02/2018

    Create a Comfort Kit for 2018-19 School Year

    At North Beach, we like to be prepared in the event of an emergency. Part of our plan includes creating a Comfort Kit (student emergency kits) for each student in the building.

    We will store these in big bins on the play court. They will be used for emergencies only. At the end of the year, we’ll send them home with your child. Please follow the directions closely.

    If we can get 90 percent of the bags returned by November 17, the kids get an extra recess.

    Please let your teacher or Ms. Reid know If you are unable to provide the items for your bag. Label the bag and return to school, we will do the rest.

    Comfort Kit Ingredients 

    Please include the following in the bag. Everything, except for the water, must fit in the bag. The PTA will provide a space blanket and bottle of water.

    1 gallon bag such as a ZIPLOCK

    Please label your child’s bag using a sharpie with your child's full name, room number, emergency contact name and phone number

    A family picture and note from parents or guardians.

    Stocking cap and a pair of mittens or gloves.

    Non-perishable food; approximately one day's worth of food.

    One year shelf life preferred. No nuts please.