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    Art – Our art teacher provides every student weekly instruction and incorporates a variety of media.

    Instrumental music - offered to 4th and 5th grade students.  The instrumental music teacher visits the appropriate classrooms to explain about district offerings and pass out registration forms each fall.  Students receive instruction once a week.

    Library - students participate in student choice reading awards and learn about different authors and illustrators.  They learn how to use the library to find materials on subjects that interest them.

    PE – Physical Education instruction has a success-oriented focus with an emphasis on cooperation, lifetime health and fitness, and motor skill development. This is achieved through sports skills, cooperation, and individual success in a non-threatening environment. Throughout the year students will be exposed to activities such as bowling, golf, razor scooters, archery, rock climbing, lacrosse, unicycling, bicycling, and a large variety of other activities.

    Math – 4th and 5th graders participate in walk to math where they are taught either grade level curriculum or advanced curriculum. Students designated for advanced learning services and those identified as ready for more advanced math will learn the next grade level curriculum with a highly qualified teacher.