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    Global Reading Challenge 2021  

    North Beach 4th & 5th Graders are invited to participate in this year's Global Reading Challenge!!

    2020-21 GRC Book Selection

    GRC Mission

    To encourage reading as a fun and recreational activity that allows 4th & 5th grade students of all reading abilities to engage in the pleasure of reading. This citywide program is a collaborative effort between the Seattle Public Library and the Seattle Public Schools.

    GRC Goals

    1.  To promote a love of reading
    2.  To foster teamwork and cooperative thinking
    3.  Introduce students to diverse viewpoints
    4.  To share quality children's literature that represents a diversity of experiences at a variety of reading levels.

    How it Works

    Between November 1st & January 29th, students will work independently or within teams to read as many of the 7 books as possible.  Book titles will be announced on November 1st!  During the week of November 1st, each 4th and 5th grade library class will be visited by our SPL children's librarian, Ms. Louisa, to help kick off the GRC!

    The books will be available digitally at SPL via Library Link. (All students have an account).  All physical copies of these books will also be available during North Beach Playcourt Checkout.

    All GRC participants will be meeting every other Friday during lunch time for teamwork, group discussions, & quiz/trivia materials.

    At the end of January, SPL will help us host a virtual trivia-style competition.  As of now the plan is that students who have read the books, will be placed on teams to compete virtually.

    SPL is also looking into an ART project option to combat screen fatigue and give students another way to participate.  This could look like:

    • A student reads a book and creates something in response to it and shares in in February
    • A student may create a poem, drawing, film, meal - anything they can take a picture of that indicates they have read the book
    • Students may work together to create something visual to represent one or all of the books to share

    Would you like to participate in the 2021 GRC?  If so, sign up here: GRC Permission Slip 

    Learn more about the program on the Seattle Public Library website.