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    The Creative Advantage. Arts Education Now. Innovative Minds Tomorrow.

    Resources for Creative Advantage School Arts Teams

    The Creative Advantage is a city-wide initiative to establish equitable access to arts learning for all Seattle Public School students. Below are resources for arts teams.

    The Creative Advantage Arts Partner Roster

    The Community Arts Partner Roster is a vetted list of teaching artists and community arts and culture organizations approved to work in Seattle Public Schools through the Creative Advantage.

    Schools, community agencies, and other public and private entities are encouraged to access this list when seeking partners to lead creative learning opportunities with their program participants.


    Additional Resources:

    For schools in their Arts Planning Year, search for the following topics below:
    How to start an arts team
    How to introduce your arts plan to your school community

    For schools that are Implementing Arts Plans, search for the following topics below:
    How to use your Creative Advantage partnership funds
    Arts Team coordinator Job Description
    Partnership Project Design Tool
    Arts Partnership Budget Tool
    Partnership Lesson Planning Tool
    Partnership Reflection Tool
    Tips for building an Integrated Arts Supply Closet
    Professional development opportunities in the arts