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    DoTS Supported Devices

    Welcome to the DoTS purchasing site. Our goal is to provide an excellent customer experience in ordering technology.  DoTS offers a tiered level of devices that range in price and performance that will meet your technology needs.  Prices are subject to change and better pricing may be available when purchased in large quantities.  Please note our FAQs and Supported Devices document.


    Question: What devices can I purchase?

    Answer: Click here for the supported devices list.

    Question:  Why does the computer I purchase from a large retail store cost less than the computers we are purchasing at Seattle Public Schools?

    Answer: Large retail outlets offer consumer-grade systems with basic support.  SPS upholds purchasing standards that take into account the total cost of ownership.  DoTS has chosen devices that have minimal down time, offer optimal performance, carry extended warranties, and can be easily maintained and supported.

    Question: Why can’t I buy any lower-cost device I would like to?

    Answer: Technology Support Services (TSS) wants to ensure that the device you buy will be supportable and able to access the SPS network.  Most consumer devices do not include necessary software drivers which integrate with our configuration process (Microsoft MDT).

    Question: What devices can I select from the Donors Choose program?

    Answer: Please work with your School’s TSS person so those devices can be properly configured for the SPS network.  Your Technical Support Specialist will verify that the equipment is network compatible and will not be restricted to only the wireless guest network.

    Question: What devices should our PTA purchase?

    Answer: Please work with your school’s TSS person to ensure you acquire the best devices that are offered.  It is also highly recommended that you engage your school’s Instructional Technologist (IT) to select the most appropriate devices for your particular instructional needs.  Interacting with DoTS will guarantee that you have a device that can access both the SPS wired and wireless network.

    Question: Who is the manager of Technology Support Services?

    Answer: Colleen Halvorson | or 206-252-0428


    Colleen Halvorson
    Manager, Technology Support Services 


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