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    Skipping any one course in the Math Pathway can negatively impact a student’s success in future classes, and is highly discouraged. However, in extremely rare cases, available data may not reflect the best math placement for the student. In that unusual situation, a parent/guardian and student may choose to opt up one course level from the current course, if room in the course is available, through this Placement Contract. In all other situations, students will take the district‐recommended course. Our mathematics program allows for 9th grade students in those rare situations to “opt up” from Algebra to Geometry, or from Geometry to Algebra 2. A student must maintain a B average in the course.  Schools may reschedule a student after one quarter in an “opted up” class based on student performance and teacher recommendation.

    By “opting up” your family is choosing a course not recommended by the data, nor by the recommendation of your child’s teacher. The school and teacher will not provide remediation if the student is not prepared for the course. Schools will have the option to move a student back to the district‐recommended class if he/she is not succeeding.

    6th & 9th Grade Contracts for Opting Up

    6th Grade Contract 9th Grade Contract
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