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    Required Documents for SPS New Hires

    Background Check

    Criminal Background Check

    • The district is required by state law to acquire a background check on all employees.
    • All employees MUST be fingerprinted before they begin working their assignment.

    Direct Deposit

    Direct Deposit Authorization

    Completed by employees who want their paycheck deposited directly into their bank account.Forms received by the 15th of the month will be processed for the next scheduled payroll.

    • Print and sign the form
    • Attach a voided check for each account

    Employee Responsibilities and Policies

    Employee Responsibilities and Selected District Policies

    • Completed by all employees.
    • Review the District policies on the HR Policies and Guidelines webpage.
    • Print and sign the District Policies form once you have reviewed all the policies listed.

    Employment Eligibility: I-9

    I-9 Employee Eligibility Verification

    This form is required by the Department of Homeland Security.  

    • Print the form
    • Sign the form in the appropriate space of section 1. 
    • Choose the appropriate ACCEPTABLE UNEXPIRED identification documents and bring them to your in-person onboarding appointment

    Gender and Ethnicity Self-Disclosure Survey

    Employee Gender and Race/Ethnicity Survey

    • Completed by all employees.

    Injuries, on-the-job

    On-the-Job Injury

    • Completed by all employees. What you need to know about on-the-job injuries or illness.

    Lifting Technique

    Proper Lifting Technique

    • Completed by all employees. It is important that you are aware of the proper lifting techniques required to lift or move a weight in excess of 20 pounds.

    Retirement Status Verification

    DRS Retirement Status

    • Tell us if you are now or have ever been part of the Washington State Retirement System.

    Sexual Misconduct Disclosure Release

    Washington Sexual Misconduct Disclosure Release (IMPORTANT: DO NOT submit this form to your previous employer(s) - you must bring the form(s) with you to your New Hire Paperwork appointment)

    If you have worked at:

    • Any other Washington State school district
    • Any out-of-state school district
    • Any private school or district
    • Any international school entity

    You are required to fill out one form for EACH previous employer. If you have NEVER worked for any school or district, you must check the appropriate box and sign the form.


    (Substitutes only) Substitute Unemployment Insurance Notice
    Substitutes are not eligible for unemployment insurance

    (Substitutes only) Verification of Substitute Start Date



    • Employee Withholding Allowance selection. Required to process your paycheck.