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    The purpose of a reevaluation is to determine continuing or changing eligibility for special education services. Reevaluations are conducted when the District determines that the educational or related service needs warrant a reevaluation; or if the student’s Parent/Guardian or teacher requests a reevaluation.

    By law, a reevaluation occurs every three years but not more than once a year unless Parents and the District agree otherwise. Possible rationale(s) for reevaluation: three-year requirement, Parent/ school request, change of category, consideration of change in placement, or consideration of termination of services.

    The District must reevaluate a student before determining that the student is no longer eligible for special education services; however, a reevaluation is not required before the termination of a student’s eligibility due to graduation from high school with a regular diploma or prior to termination of services due to the student exceeding the age of eligibility for special education services.

    Private School

    Reevaluations are not automatically conducted if students are not enrolled. Parents must request a reevaluation.